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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Acharya S on Black Op Radio - ZEITGEIST!

Tomorrow night, Thursday, December 6th, beginning around 9:45 PM EST/6:45 PST, I will be appearing on Black Op Radio with Len Osanic.

Go here to listen:

Black Op Radio

This show will be LIVE, but it will also be archived in case you miss it.

We will be discussing the hit movie ZEITGEIST, Part 1. I am currently working on The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1.

Be sure to listen in!

Acharya S
Author, The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled
Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ


Anonymous said...


I see you too are worried about Islam and impending demographic momentum.

This (Islam and demograhics) are the primary problems facing responsible atheism and the West in my opinion. We just aren't making enough babies. If Christianity was pretty fair at something, it was inducing its members to have families with above-replacement birthrates in the past, but it isn't doing this anymore. Secular people just cant "get it together" and "familicize" enough. Men are afraid of divorce because child-support and alimony will impoversh them, women dont have time to balance a career and have 2-3 kids, even though they love children in most cases. Even if folks decide to make a go of it together, affording a house in many areas big enough for 2-3 kids comfortably and not being economically overstretched is such a burden.

A suggestion...........use that fine mind of yours to do to Islam what you have done to Christianity. You might have to online publish in another language, but output like yours does get read...........albeit perhaps not right away, but undermines fundamentalist belief over time. Islam operates like a racketeering organization to force conversion of others when it becomes the majority religion in an area, or outright subjugation. Its unfathonable the West cannot see the threat it poses long term with our generous social welfare policies that pay freeloaders to have families. Islam, more than Judaism or Christianity or any other religion, needs to be undermined and weakened at this particular point in history.

Ahh religion, the biggest scam in history. The biggest cause of wars, enslavement, economic depravation, fear (youre going to hell if you dont believe what we tell you), sexual inequality, guilt-mongering, moralizing. What a "gift"...............

Acharya S said...

Thank you for your vote of confidence. Believe me, I've spent considerable time - and risk! - critiquing the evils of Islam.

Islam is without a doubt the greatest threat to human civilization ever. It is an organized system of sadism developed by sadists who want to enslave the rest of the world under its vicious anti-human doctrines.

I truly wish that the thinking people of the world could wake up to see this horrendous threat - including and especially "moderate Muslims." For the most part, they are not following a "religion" voluntarily and happily adopted by their ancestors but, rather, a vile system of mind control that was very much forced at the point of a sword, despite the fallacious claims by apologists. Moreover, this brainwashing was developed by sadistic, uncompassionate desert barbarians specifically to ENSLAVE the rest of humanity. Associating God and religion with this barbaric psychosis simply constitutes evil genius at work.

We in the civilized world certainly need to keep our population above that of the Islamic enslavers, but overpopulating the planet will spell doom for the entire species. It is obvious that the only way human civilization will be maintained is for Muslims to be assimilated by the millions. Those with a conscience MUST stop fueling the fires of Islamic fanaticism by slavishly obeying its dictates.

They CAN and MUST free themselves of this debilitating mind control - ASAP!