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Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Reason for the Season - AGAIN?

A belated "Christmas" present - a new video based on a conversation between "Infidel Guy" Reg Finley and me:

"The Reason for the Season"

In this long but worthy video, I go into detail about exactly whence the Christmas holiday originates and what it really means, including the following:

--What is the winter solstice?
--When was Jesus's birthday traditionally placed?
--Why are the two intertwined now?
--Who else was born on December 25th?

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Anonymous said...

hi asharya, just wanted to inform you of the release of a great movie confirming your theories.

this film explains why jesus never existed, a bit like you. did you participate as a consultant or in the script ?

Acharya S said...

Yes, I am well aware of that film. No, I was not deemed worthy enough for inclusion.

chris banach said...

Well, that's a pity as you are THE "somitée" (i'm originaly french), in my humble opinion.

how'd you like their movie ? did you see it ? do you think it's worth the 25 bucks ? how come you don't talk about it on your website, as it could draw afterwards buyers for your book too ?

Anyway, i read your book and am a fan of yours for many years. i know you don't have much ways to devellop your ideas in the US media, but in France, you know, there's like 50% atheists.

it'd be great if you could show up in a tv talk-show over there. it's not taboo to talk about it in my country.

I know you speak french and your book would sell like "petits pains" in France. I recommend a show called "on a tout essayé" on french channel "france 2" for your promotion, i'm sure they would welcome you because the host (laurent ruquier) doesn't believe in god.

i've tried to contact them last year to submit you as a potential "invité", but they said it's either yourself or your impressario that should contact the producers.

if you need help, as i know France very well (i moved to US only 6 years ago), i'd be glad to help you promote your book over there.

my email :

Goose said...

While on this topic, my newspaper dedicated a ton of space today to the new book "American Fascists: The Christian Right & The War on America." While I could go on all day about this book, the one thing that really freaked me out is that the book mentions an under construction "Creation Museum" in Petersburg, Ky. The bizarre place has dinosaurs in it, but says that God created them at the same time as Adam and Eve (must have scared the shit out of them). It's as if the Hard Right is trying to re-write history, sort of following the tactics of the Holocaust Deniers. Anyway, I did listen to your radio show. I heard somewhere that the Infidel Guy is right here in Atlanta -- I would love to meet him.