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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Intellectual Rapists

For the last couple of days I've had some abusive creep email me about how he's going to beat me up on his website. His vicious commentary is based on his reading of some pages on my website, but he has emphatically stated that he has NOT read my books and does not intend to. Despite his confessed ignorance of my work, he is now on a rampage to attack me as an "expert" on my work. Such dishonesty is not uncommon, as I have been encountering it for years.

Not content with being dishonest and hateful towards me, this individual has threatened me if I don't respond to his reprehensible assault. It appears that people who viciously assault others in the intellectual realm, as this person is doing to me, do not consider that they are a major part of the problem - to wit, divisiveness and hatred based on beliefs.

To put it in blunt terms: Basically what this guy is saying is that, even if I'm not attracted to him, if I don't willingly have sex with him - and enjoy it - he will brutally rape me.

Hence, he is an "intellectual rapist."

Here's a thought - what is it exactly you are trying to accomplish with your personal assaults on others? Are you trying to make the world a "better place" with your violent attacks? Sorry, but that type of mentality is exactly what we are attempting to get rid of.


Philip said...

This sort of reaction - though no doubt highly unpleasant for you - merely serves to underline the fact that you're saying something right.

You're bravely contributing to a questioning process which bursts the cherished ego-balloon of a set of ideas which are now slowly but inexorably being overturned.

Unfortunately this process always incurs the rage of those who are at the other end of the thinking pole; ie, those who are unable to question belief systems that they have clung to, and which shore up their fragile world of illusion.

Keep up the good work. Perhaps you might reflect that there are also a lot of people who admire and applaud your endeavour.

Acharya S said...

Thanks, Philip. Good folks like you have always been a major source of strength to keep me on my path, which is ridden with peril and treachery.

This person actually baited me with telling me I had to come read his hateful attack upon me on his website. When I declined, he further abused me and threatened to do more harm to me if I didn't "defend myself." You see, the very words themselves demonstrate that he is attacking me.

Why is he attacking me? Am I a "bad person?" By no estimation of anyone who knows me am I remotely a "bad person." On the contrary, I am known to be and described as a "good person." So this person is causing me grief and threatening to harm me further based solely on things I have written that he has not bothered to study in depth, having emphatically declared that he will not read my books.

I have to say that such behavior is very evil, more so than viciously attacking someone for a real crime such as murder. Now, that I could understand! Such venom for O.J. Simpson - comprendo. Towards me because I said that Jesus or Buddha had bad hair? Obscene.

Anonymous said...

My policy has always been to just ignore bad people. As more of the "Great Lie" is revealed, I'm afraid your going to see more of this from fundamentalists. It is the death throes of a dying dogma.

Acharya S said...

Yes, it's a good policy to ignore "bad people," except that most people aren't categorizably "bad" all the time. The person who spawned this blog entry didn't reveal himself as a Christian per se. He apparently just figured that his encyclopedia-learned knowledge was more accurate than what I'd dug up out over a period of decades. He was going to show me, all right, as he threatened to abuse me further if I didn't respond to his first abuse.

Typical abuser. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday.

Anonymous said...

i think he is just wasting your time.

if his work will prove itself to be a challenge,
you will hear bout it.

Anonymous said...

Wait until a hacker groups hears about this they will most likely take his site down. Perchance you can leave the domain laying around?

*Wink Wink Nudge Nudge*

He would be very busy pulling the sh*t out to bother you.

Acharya S said...

Thanks for the concern. It is a tempting thought.

I have in the past circulated the emails and sites of vicious jerks who have gone out of their way to spread their anger and hatred (towards me). I have learned not to do so, as it only allows these psychos to congregate, as well as to hold me accountable for whatever ensues. Hence, these demented cyberstalkers remain in my life for much longer than I wish. The best method I have found is to ignore them, possibly after one communication showing them the error of their ways, and block them from reaching me again. Most of them will be forgotten like farts in the wind.

Anonymous said...

One word for for this person...

*erectile dysfunction*

Anonymous said...

Awww...does this mean we can't have some fun wid him. I like the hacker idea! Udderwise, I like toying with assholes like not even stooping to debate them seriously. Like gettin dem madder as a hadder..heh heh!

Anonymous said...

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