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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Religious Rubbish Removal

The remarks in the following article about religious fanaticism being quite tiresome are well said and much needed.

"Some senior Australian cleric declares that women without hijabs are uncovered meat inviting rape..."

Well, of course, if the men are BARBARIANS who are taught that "women without hijabs are uncovered meat inviting rape!" It is quite obvious where this cleric's rotten mind lies - in the gutter. Moreover, anyone who is interested in raping MEAT is a subhuman in the first place, although an argument could be made that someone who would rape a woman - or a man or, god forbid, a child - is much more diabolical than a meat-rapist...

Gee, here's an enlightened thought: How about teaching the MEN to respect women, with or without the hijab, and enforcing strict LAWS against rape? Wow! How novel, what brilliance! But, no, we have to encourage the psychotic men to behave badly while repressing - nay, enslaving - the women. How very evolved indeed. And "they" wonder why so many of us don't want "them" in our civilized neck of the woods.

Here's a message for Earth's bullies:

"You may be quite pleased by your ability to terrorize 'your' women into covering themselves up, but you will not succeed in forcing the rest of the world's women into doing likewise."

So many morons, so little time.
Tired of all the religious garbage? It's time to become an Enlightenist
Muriel Gray on the need for recognition of all beliefs

GIVEN the uniformly alarmist nature of the news, leaving the country for the half-term holiday felt good this year. Choking in the wake of our carbon emissions was a nutcase Britain utterly obsessed with religion. People were threatening Jack Straw with violence; some woman (we think - for all we know it could have been Paul Gascoigne under that niquab) was claiming her right to mumble lessons at children while wearing a bag over her head, and the pope had made the hilariously Monty-Python
esque declaration that he was "considering" abolishing limbo for unbaptised babies, no doubt making intelligent Catholics squirm with embarrassment at the screaming silliness of heavenly admission by human whim.

But on our return, sadly, there is no let up. Some senior Australian cleric declares that women without hijabs are uncovered meat inviting rape, and now we have arguments over faith school quotas and whether or not 25% of pupils admitted should come from other faiths, including no faith. If I tell you that I am sick, sick, sick, way beyond the back teeth, of all this dark ages, loony tunes, divisive religious garbage then I am making an understatement. The worst thing is that although for the most part all the nonsense can be ignored, when it gets political it simply cannot, and there is nothing more political than how we educate the next generation of British citizens."...


louis said...

hi acharya, i'v been made to go to church all my life, my mom reads me the bible, tells me to pray, i hate it all, what can i do to get her to see how stupid all this bible and church stuff is? or how the bible is full of mistakes, what can i say or mention? please respond, thanks!

Acharya S said...

Well, Louis, that's a tough one, because each individual situation is different. I know that many people over the years since I've been on the net have been able to broach the subject with their relatives, to varying degrees of success. You may wish to make a post in my discussion groups or forums asking for advice from the experienced peanut gallery. Sometimes they respond very well. An ongoing dialogue in this regard would probably beneficial to all, so please feel free to come by and be persisent.

louis said...

thank you for responding, may i also ask you what you think about Dr. Robert M. Price, and what he belives?

Acharya S said...

I've been friendly with Dr. Price for a year or so, but I don't really know what he believes per se. We agree on many germane points.

Dr. Price recently wrote a review of my book Suns of God.

louis said...

Thanks again, i ask because i known DR. Price was in the movie "The God who wasn't there" witch suports atheism, but on his website he says that "if you read the bible you can feal the glory of God" (or something like that) so i didn't know if he did or didn't belive in God. so do you know if he does?

louis said...

I meant KNOW not "known", up there. sorry.

louis said...

Acharya, i'm sorry if i asked too much i known you must be very busy with all the great work you do, i love your work by the way, but when you said "you agrre on many germane points" i didn't know if that meant he did or didn't belive in god, i have searched his website and i think i know he doesn't belive in "jesus" as the "son of god" but do you know if he belives in a god at all?

Acharya S said...

Hi Louis -

I don't know Bob Price's particular beliefs about God. I've heard he doesn't consider himself an "atheist," per se, and he does write about attending church, despite his obvious leanings towards the Jesus myth.

Bob may be in the same category as I am: To wit, I do not believe in a "god," as such, but I reserve the right to feel or even perceive divinity within the cosmos.

louis said...

Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Raised in Christian home and am now 50. Preached for 30 years and really believed. This year my whole reason for life has been turned upside down.
Folks, it's all a bunch of HOOEEYY!!
Religion is just a means to blame all your troubles on believe me I know!
Catholicism is to blame and that you can take to the bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It appears that for some, the pain of thinking is the signal to embrace some thoughtless belief system. Belief for these is reinforced by attendance at Orwellian love'ups and grace-ins. Self examination is discouraged by the tithe master and his/her sycophant deceivees. Its good they say to belong. Thank you Acharya for the thought through analysis synthesis you provide and for linking this old greyhead to the Dan Pouzzner sites. You are MOST admired.